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M2TECH hiFace Evo Two

2699 lei

M2TECH hiFace Evo Two - interfata digitala high end intre orice PC si un sistem Hi-Fi, avand intrari USB si coaxial, si iesiri AES, Coaxial, Optic, I2S HDMI


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The hiFace Evo Two is the best link available between your computer and the digital input of your hi-fi system. Be the latter a DAC, the digital section of an audio-video receiver or the digital input of a disc player, the hiFace Evo Two allows for delivering the audio stream in the best condition possible.

A wealth of output connections (including an I2S output on HDMI connector, PS audio standard) makes it very easy to drive every digital audio unit in the market.

The hiFace Evo Two also includes an SPDIF digital input, very useful when user needs to send digital audio streams, via USB, to the PC that's not provided with a digital input. The digital input may also be used to accept data from a CD player to use the hiFace Evo Two as upsampler: by purposely setting the hiFace Evo Two to upsample incoming data from the SPDIF input to a higher frequency, the audio data at its outputs will be upsampled.

Thanks to the remote control, the hiFace Evo Two can be easily controlled by your armchair, to select between USB and SPDIF input and access and modify the configuration menu.

Specificatii tehnice M2TECH hiFace Evo Two:

USB 2.0 high speed
external clock (BNC)
optical (Toslink)
I2S (HDMI, PS Audio standard)
external clock info (Toslink)
Sample frequencies:
PCM 44.1kHz to 384kHz
DoP 64X to 128X
Native DSD 64x to 256x
PCM resolution: 16 bits to 32 bits
Output impedance:
75 Ohms (SPDIF)
110 Ohms (AESEBU)
100 Ohms (I2S)
Input impedance: 75 Ohms (SPDIF and external clock)
Supply voltage: 7.5VDC to 15VDC
Power Consumption: 2.5W (@ 9VDC supply)
Size: 105x100x46mm (wxdxh)
Weight: net 0,6kg, gross 0,7kg

M2TECH hiFace Evo Two

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0721 274 389
021 242 08 30
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